Drumagick’s label Bmr Music brings hot news!!

DJ Linky – Surroundings / Prototype

Yes!Yes! Brand new BMR Music release has arrived, it’s the debut of Sao Paulo’s DJ and producer Linky in our label!!

BMR018 – DJ Linky – Surroundings / Prototype


Super vibes, made during summer its full of happy colors, sounds and melodies. Check the Doctor Dre and Snoop Dogg “Chronic”‘s inspired Moog solo.



Spoiler! Full Cycle Records style in it, artists like DJ Die, Krust and Roni Size. Rollin’ and simple groove beats that sounds like a train passing on the dance floor.

Jump Up!!!

We can’t stop dancing with these tunes, DJ Linky represents the Brazilian endless summer with strong bass culture and incredible beats!!

Welcome to the family Linky!

Listen to the entire songs by clicking on the links bellow:


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