You Need To Listen To It!

For those who doesn’t know, our “You Need To Listen To It!” section is online for a while already in our social media channels. We suggest news and classics from the world of drum and bass to help making your weekend happier and grooving plus, good music brings more life quality 🙂 — In this Friday’s YNtLti we bring a fresh song from the big talent DJ and producer Benny Page that gave a very nice update to the mix of latin music with the drum and bass we all love, hope you have as much fun as we do listening to it!!

You Need To Listen To It #020 Future Latin Vibes!!

Benny Page – Front Left Feat. Eva Lazarus

Tip for the weekend: Do some simple things you’d wish you’ve did a while ago, and put some good music to help you in this task!!

Treat your music well. Take care of your life, take care of your music!

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