One more album on the way!!

We’re so happy with the start of a new project with our partners from District 6 and Audio Network!! In four years together we’ve produced three albums and got music executed in TV campaigns and series from the likes of Warner Channel, XXL, UBER and many more.

This new experience will be a huge challenge, a visit to the Brazilian music like we never did before!

But, while we dive ourselves in the studio to create this record, take a minute to check the latest chapter of this partnership, the Concrete Samba album that is available on Spotify and counts with participation of the incredible talents of Segredo MC, Xis, Lei di Dai, Janaína Lima, P MC, the horns section of the Sao Paulo’s legendary band Funk Como Le Gusta and many other cool cats. Just hit pl4y!

Pump up the volume!

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