Drumagick’s Basslovers YouTube Playlist

It’s been five years since Drumagick started putting our the Basslovers mixes with tracks that jump out of the brothers JrDeep and Guilherme Lopes record boxes to your life.

It is a trip thru the speedy beats with lots of supa wealthy basslines that conquest the globe due to its rhythm and sophisticated concept. The world of drum and bass.

Drumagick celebrates 20 years in 2018 and we wanna talk to you about our love of bringing our musical concept to the dance floor by letting in this playlist our history full of evolving and emotional sounds!

Basslovers style makes you wanna come in a good mood to the party and then left it even better, a Basslovers day for everybody! For all times and places around!

A big big up from Drumagick fam that fights for a better life thru the music we love!

Drumagick Presents: Basslovers
Drumagick Music Channel


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