Drumagick’s Top 10 Chart

For years (over 20 now), we’ve been researching about new music. And now that we have a blog we’ve decided to share this research with you.

We’ll post in a regular basis our top ten released tracks chart for those tunes that we liked the most for the period, stay locked for lots of new stuff coming out.

Check bellow our top 10 chart for this week:

1 – Joe Ford – Where Is the Sun

2 – Camo & Krooked, DLR – The Sloth (DLR Remix)

3 – Hanna Eve, Data 3 – Better Off Without You

4 – Sterling Sound – Release Me

5 – Mojoman, Tremah – Unknown Future (Tremah Remix)

6 – Subaholic’s – Call Me (Stee Cee Remix)

7 – Furney – Made To Love You

8 – Lurch – Someday

9 – J.O.E – Open Your Heart

10 – Dillinja – Another Dimension

… And we’ll be posting our charts at our Spotify’s playlist called Bass Lovers (the chart is located on the last ten tracks of the playlist) so you’ll can find the latest and the previous releases we’ll chart all in one stop.

Enjoy the chart and the playlist, leave your comments here, also let us know how is your method to find new gems for your life’s soundtrack, we’ll love to hear from you.

Peace and love,

Drumagick crew

Here we go! Our brand new blog spot ;-)

Dear fans and friends,

We’re very proud to present our brand new website plus our brand new blog platform.

Here you’ll find everything between music, audio, music production, mix and mastering tips, promotions, merch and much more, stay locked and active on the comments, we’ll love to share ideas with you, rock on!