SALE!! Official Drumagick Black T-Shirt

Watch out for this news!! We’re launching our webstore at our record label website, Bmr Music and as a start we’re selling our official black t-shirt practically at a cost price, you just cover the shipping to your door and you even get FREE bonuses!!

Official Drumagick Black t-shirt

You buy our t-shirt and get a FREE download of our latest EP “A Feel/Cosmic Live” right into your inbox!!


+++ PLUS you get a FREE 24 by 36 inches digital poster, signed on the name of your choice exclusive for you to print and frame it as you wish.

See how the poster looks?

So, don’t sleep on this!!

  • Official Drumagick black t-shirt (low price)
  • FREE EP Download (3 tracks)
  • FREE signed digital poster 24 by 36 inches for proper printing

This sale will run only for a limited time, so grab yours before we take it down and put the prices back to normal.

Big up!

JrDeep and Guilherme Lopes


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